Business Credit – How to Obtain Business Loans Without Using Personal Credit Or Assets

Business and potential business owners have good ideas and need funding, but in this tightening credit market, they are finding it virtually impossible to locate the financing they need for their venture.

Small Business Owners especially want to know where to go for the money and what they need. The answer is to GET BUSINESS CREDIT. Having credit for your business enhances your credibility by taking the perception from mom and pop shop to established professional enterprise. You are opened to more financing options and gain preference to Lenders that are carefully picking where to invest their money. With business credit it is even possible to obtain financing for your business without any personal guarantees or personal credit. This is especially helpful for those that have had more success in managing their business then their personal finances.

Besides the obvious benefit of credit and loans for your business another very beneficial aspect of building business credit is that you can separate your personal credit and assets from your business.

Larger companies of course have the credit they need and don’t rely on personal credit or assets to get the loans they need. If it is your intent, think about your business as the future larger corporation, and begin obtaining the business credit you need to get you there, so that you to can build your business while maintaining your personal financial independence.

Knowledge of how to correctly get credit and obtain loans for a business, and where to look is often the biggest hurdle. Business credit has been some what of a mystery for most where as personal credit has exploded so that you can hardly make it through the day without seeing an add about your personal credit score. Getting business credit is not difficult you just need to start now. At the bottom of this article is a resource that will help you to get started so that you can begin to get the loans you need for your business now!

Bridging The Gap Between Business Players

Mark Twain once quoted that “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog”. No other quote could be used more aptly to describe the role of smaller businesses in today’s world. Effective brand identity isn’t the advantage of only the big bulls. With a lethal combination of technology in the form of the Internet, creativity and innovative design even smaller “bulls” could make an effective impact on the competition. A note of caution to smaller businesses: Don’t base marketing strategies on big business standards because they will fail. Opt for a small business model which would suit your company and your requirements better than anything else would.

The extent to which a small business utilizes Internet solutions has a direct impact on it’s success. Based on this theory, small businesses have been classifies in to 3 categories namely into 3:

* Internet tech powered which utilizes approximately 31% of Internet solutions
* Moderate tech powered which utilizes 29% of Internet solutions and
* Minimally tech powered which utilizes a measly 19% of Internet solutions in comparison to the former 2 categories.

Optimal usage of Internet Solutions reflects heavily on factors such as “revenue growth”, “profitability” as well as on soft goals like increasing the value of one’s company. In today’s’ day and age it is a very profitable move for even the smallest of businesses to invest in Internet Business Solutions as they have a higher chance of a success rate in comparison to their peers who may rely less on technology. The Internet serves as a playing field for both large as well as small businesses to compete with each other. But we shouldn’t just shut down small businesses saying that there isn’t any scope for them as long as the big players exist because that is absolutely untrue. Just like when you’re on the moon, your weight doesn’t seem to be as it is here on Earth, the same way in the Internet world the size of your company doesn’t matter when it comes to its success.

A bigger business has its big pros, but with the implementation and optimal usage of Internet solutions a small business could bridge the gap between the 2 players. The Internet has given smaller businesses the platform to compete with the big guys, something that could never have happened. Smaller businesses can never compete with the larger one’s when it comes to traditional forms of marketing such as television, radio, newspapers and billboards. They are expensive and even their distribution isn’t friendly on the pocket. but when it comes to the Internet, the quality of a digital, web based brand identity and marketing strategies aren’t limited by the company’s budget or size.

The web is a fantastic small business equalizer because having a big budget doesn’t necessarily mean a better design. In the marketing world this could be one of the oldest myths. More money doesn’t mean quality. Big guys spend big money on brand identity only to get one which looks like it has been designed by a child. But on the other hand a highly creative small business can have an identity which looks like it a million bucks. And it is the web which has done this marvel.

Things to Know Before You Buy an Online Business Opportunity

If your looking for a online business opportunity so you can supplement your income, the first thing you have to ask yourself is what kind of business would suit you best, travel, education, how-to, people search, phone search and the list goes on. 

How much time are you willing to put into the business and how much money are you willing to spend on it.  Before you decide on which business opportunity you would like to buy into and invest any money in, here are seven things you should find out about.

The seven most important questions to ask.

  1. What exactly is it you will be selling? Will you be selling an actual product such as eBook information, travel, or just reselling the business you just bought. Most of these businesses have some sort of product that come with the business but some of them don’t.
  2. Will you get a replicated Web Site or will you have to build your own? Most of the online businesses available have a pre-built website available for you. But, if the business has thousands of members, all using the same website template you might be a little ahead of the game by building your own so it stands out from the crowd.
  3. What is the cost of hosting your replicated website? While most businesses will include a website when you buy into it, almost all of them will charge you a monthly fee to host it on their server. This can be as little as twelve dollars a month up to as much as forty dollars a month. It’s best to find out upfront what the total monthly fees are going to cost you.
  4. Does the marketing education you will need come with your purchase of the program, or will this be an additional expense for you? The business should have a free, marketing training course available to you in either printed or video format plus have webinars for you to attend on a weekly basis. If it doesn’t this will be a huge learning curve for you that can not only take months to learn but can, and most likely will, cost you additional money.
  5. Does the business pay for the advertising or do you? Most business opportunities I have joined do not pay for any advertising. That is an expense that will be incurred by you, However I have come across one that has an advertising pool which cuts down on your advertising costs considerably.
  6. Will you have to buy, keep stock and send out physical products? If you have to do any of the above make sure they are quality products that you yourself would buy and that are not available at your local store. Be sure to take into account any shipping and packaging costs because that will cut into your overall profits.
  7. Will you be paid just a one time payment for whoever you bring into the business or does the business have a built in recurring income stream. A lot of these business opportunities have a recurring income stream from monthly membership fees. You get paid a certain percentage or dollar amount from the monthly fees of anyone who joins under you. You will get paid a portion of their fees for as long as they are a member.

There are literally hundreds of business opportunities out there to choose from starting from ten dollars going up to twenty thousand dollars and all of them will take some work on your part to promote and sell. Most of these programs have hundreds or even thousands of members that you will be competing with so before you make your decision on any program, type the program name into your search bar and see how many many other people are selling the same program. If there are pages of them you may want to look at a different program. That can help you narrow down your choice.

One thing to remember is you are not going to get rich quick with any of these online business opportunities. It will take work and patience on your part before you start to see results.